Inclusive Education

Special Education General Curriculum Certification ONLY

Program Description

The program uses a cross-categorical model which reflects the needs of teachers serving diverse learning needs in P-12 educational settings. The program prepares teachers to meet the educational needs of students within a single inclusive education classroom and/or inclusive general education classroom setting. Course work emphasizes the similarities and highlights the differences among students with diverse learning needs and includes a life-span perspective addressing issues from preschool through transition to post-secondary or employment. The course sequence includes courses that link theory with field experience and culminates with a supervised internship. The certification program prepares professional teacher leaders with advanced knowledge of characteristics, procedures, methods and techniques of assessment for students with mild disabilities.

Program of Study
  • INED 7710: Foundations of Special Education
  • INED 7720: Positive Behavior Management Strategies
  • INED 7730: Assessment of Diverse Learners
  • INED 7742: Data-Based Inquiry
  • INED 7752: Explicit Approaches to Literacy Instruction for P-12 Students with Disabilities
  • INED 7761: Instructional Approaches I
  • INED 7762: Instructional Approaches II
  • INED 7780: Collaborative Practices
  • INED 7900: Capstone Experience in Special Education
Admission Requirements & How to Apply

Non Degree Seeking: Certificates | Endorsements | KSU Certificates
Graduate Admissions:
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