Educational Student Services

Pre-Service Teaching Certification

Beginning Fall 2015, the state of Georgia will require that anyone participating in any course requiring a field experience, where the candidate will enter a public or charter school, must hold a Pre-Service Certification.  This requirement will impact all courses requiring field experience beyond education foundation courses (EDUC 2110, 2120 & 2130).  The purpose of this requirement is meant:

  • To assure the safety of school children
  • To provide opportunities for pre-service teachers to practice/demonstrate knowledge and skills
  • To standardize the criminal background check across the state for pre-service teachers, eliminating those who are not eligible or suited to the profession
  • To assist pre-service educators in understanding the GA Code of Ethics and hold them accountable
  • To require attainment of the pre-service certificate for anyone participating in field experiences and student teaching in GA schools

(bulleted statements above were taken directly from GaPSC presentation)

Candidates admitted to the Bagwell College of Education must complete, and submit to the Education Student Services office, the following forms in order to obtain the required Pre-Service Certification.  The Education Student Services office is located in Kennesaw Hall, Suite 1314.  Failure to submit a completed packet, in a timely manner, may result in a candidates inability to complete field experience hours required in a course for which they are registered.

  • PSC Application for Pre-Service Certification – Please note that a clear photocopy of a government issued ID or document is required for submission.  Document must be notarized.  Notaries are available in ESS, KSU Registrar, KSU Financial Aid (free of charge) or any bank (free of charge to account holders).

Please read the detailed application instructions on completing the application before sending an email to the Certification Officer.  Any questions should then be directed to the KSU Education Certification Officer.