Inclusive Education

Teacher Keys Effectiveness System


Inclusive Education's faculty members had the opportunity to listen to the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES) presentation given by Dr. Laveda Pullens and Dr. Pamela Colvin on September 26. TKES is an exciting new collaboration-based initiative aimed at developing a new system for teacher evaluation and professional growth with educational partners. The system consists of multiple components, such as measuring student growth and academic achievement, teacher assessment on performance standards, and surveys of instructional practice. The main goal in the implementation of TKES is to support continuing growth and development of educators.

What a great opportunity this experience has been for KSU faculty on behalf of the Georgia Department of Education. Dr. Pullens' and Dr. Colvin's efforts in helping our faculty to understand more about the system's background and implementation will prove beneficial in allowing us to ensure that our initial teacher education candidates will successfully implement these ideas.

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